Friday, May 14, 2010

sleeping to a symphony

Last night I went to sleep listening to a symphony. This sounds pleasant, but not when I tell you it was a symphony of drips coming through my window and ceiling into strategically placed buckets and icecream containers. All night long there was a constant drip, drip, drip. Ice cream containers make a different sound to buckets when filling with water. The bucket was catching three drips at once, so had a much fuller sound, the lazy ice cream containers only catching one drip had a loud echoy pling to them. I finally drifted off to sleep when I had become some what accustomed to the sound only to be awoken later to a different sound. Water hitting wood and carpet - this added a new tune to the orchestra in my bedroom. Sadly the wood it was hitting was my bookcase. So at 2.30 in the morning I found myself drying books. The mental pain I felt at this point is not something I can describe.
Here I would like to draw your attention to the tv show, I Shouldn't Be Alive because I am feeling somewhat akin with them. On this show you often wonder, things could not get worse for these people, only to find it does (hence the title of the show I guess). Here I sat in my room drying books, thinking innocently and probably somewhat naively that things could not get worse. It was as I was drying the books that i noticed that the water that had dripped onto them had a horrible odour to it. I thought it was maybe the smell of the inner dust etc of the wall but later when the rain subsided a bit and the dripping ceased, some creatures started moving around in the wall. Yep, rats. They were obviously just as upset as me that their home had been flooded and they were setting about making it ok by gnawing, chewing and moving. It was at this moment I realised the smelly water coming through the ceiling was probably filled with rat feces. Excellent. When will the rescuers come and rescue me like they do on the end of I Shouldn't Be Alive? Or are things still going to get worse?


  1. Rats are really just very big mice!
    No they're not - my sympathies are with you.

  2. Rats smell (the saying 'to smell a rat' is accurate).
    When I had a cleaning job and had to empty the rubbish bins in a dingy Wellington alleyway I could smell the rats before I could see them.