Monday, May 17, 2010

Making lemonade

I have been trying hard to make lemonade out of lemons that life keeps throwing at me, and when you are a full time working mother, life does tend to throw a few. At the moment I feel like the lemon tree of life is producing lemons at a faster rate than I can make lemonade. I find when this happens I do most things badly. Mostly I feel like no one is on my team, there is no one else to help pick up the lemons that are falling and rotting on the ground. Bennett is getting better at being a lemon gatherer but there are a few years to go before he can really help.
This may sound very negative, but I have been working hard on feeling positive all through new school, new house, sister with lump in breast (final results coming this week, fingers crossed), other sister with brain scans showing a funny lump (still no idea what that is), a huge rise in my panic attacks, feeling unwell, Bennett being sick etc etc has just come to a head. I want to get off for a breather.


  1. Fflur,
    Sorry to hear that things aren't that good at the moment. It'll all pass eventually, so try to keep your spirits up. Take some time off work and let yourself catch up a bit.

  2. I am thinking of taking tomorrow off, not to catch up as such but cause I have a cold and it's making me feel miserable. Why do teachers keep soldiering through sickness?

  3. I tell ya one thing that helps the build up of lemons - when friends buy you huge yummy afghans and you find them on your desk in the morning - thanks Rochelle :)

  4. Pleased it cheered your day- although perhaps I should have bought the lemon slice?!?!? Hope you have a restful day off tomorrow xxxr