Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's day

"Smile Bennett, make it look like you love me"

I do love this boy a lot, and I am very glad that I am his mother. Mother's day however is not really a day when I get to celebrate it, or even sit back and relax reaping in pressies while I contemplate the joys of motherhood.
Unlike some 12 year old boys, or children in general, my son does not have a father that goes out and buys a gift and then gets the child to give it to the mother, nor does he have a father who can remind him it is mother's day and get him to make breakfast in bed for the joyus mother. 12 year old boys do not think to do these things themselves. So my mother's day was the true, gritty kind. My friend suggested that we meet for brunch; I told Bennett this would be his Mother's day gift to me (him coming with me for brunch)His response was something along the lines of "WHAT!?!(said in loud, whiney voice) I would rather eat my own sock" Ok, he didn't really say he would rather eat his own sock, he said something a little harsher, but for the record eating his sock would be an excruciating punishment, since smelling his socks is something the Chinese could have used as an alternative to water torture. Anyway after much threatening to take away internet and TV privileges he decided he could indeed force himself to come with me. So in the end my Mother's day ended up with me pushing my son out the door to come and eat with me, me buying him a hearty a delicious brunch of French toast, then me taking him out clothes shopping. And he needed those clothes thanks to a very large growth spurt, and we did indeed have a good time, I can't help feeling like I landed in some strange parallel universe where it was Mothers spoil your child day.


  1. I bet the highlight was seeing Richard (of RBB) in Cuba Street.
    One day, if he does well with his studies, Bennett could have host own bass bag.

  2. "Bennett could have host own bass bag."
    That should have read... " Bennett could host own bass bag."
    See, even celebrities make mistakes.

  3. I think Bennett's highlight was seeing the old lady in the purple coat with the matching purple rinse - we laughed heartily for quite a while.

  4. All joking aside, I love this post and the picture. It sums up the mother/son relationship perfectly. I've said it before and I repeat it, Bennett will rediscover his mother in a few years time and will quietly( he'll never admit it to you) to himself, berate himself for being a bit of an arsehole.

  5. Don't we all berate ourselves a bit when we grow up? Especially when we become parents ourselves and we really realise how much our parents love us? I know I sure did.