Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cougars - grotesque?

I am not sure what actually defines a cougar (not the animal) but I was pretty sure it was not this
"women pretending to be younger than they are...going out with unsuitably young things with whom they can barely communicate" As stated by Jane Clifton in her review of the new show Cougar Town. There are many things I disagree with Jane about, but lets start with the first two. One, I don't think the definition of cougar has to include "pretending to be younger" Correct me if I am really off the mark but most young, virile men don't care too much about the age of a woman (I am not talking 80 here) if she is willing to go to bed with him, so why pretend to be a different age? Secondly, why would the women care if they can communicate with them or not? I presume they don't want a serious relationship with this young guy, they are out for a good time - not much need to communicate past "get naked now"

Jane goes on to say about Courtney Cox in the lead "cougar" role:

"It simply defies all credibility that women this good-looking and financially savvy could be the slightest bit desperate about the things they are represented as being desperate about - in this case, getting a decent bloke."

What is she saying? Only ugly, poor woman can possibly be desperate to find a "decent" man? Yes Jane, it is just the ugly and poor that are left on the shelf - thanks for that morale booster!
Maybe I am big headed, but I don't think I am dog ugly, or really poor, yet I am quite desperate to find a decent man. I think the key word here is "decent" - Yes Courtney in her 40's could easily find a guy to date her, as could, and indeed have I. But NONE of them have been decent! Also most men my age, and my dear friend Courtney's are attached and have been for quite some years. Maybe young men are our only option for a bit of light hearted fun? Does that make us "grotesque" as Jane states? If so then bring on the grotesque! I am thinking of following Courtney's lead...


  1. Be careful. A recent study (truly) has concluded that women who have relationships with younger men shorten their life expectancy considerably.
    Conversely, the same study concluded that men who have relationships with younger women actually increase their life expectancy. Fair? No, but that's life.

  2. rest assured it was just a joke - I have given up on men, young and old alike.

  3. Comeinyourpants has a really nice lady - that proves it's possible for anyone to find a good mate.

  4. Well, I think The Wine Guy is single, but that's because:
    1) He's mean to pregnant waitresses and
    2) He doesn't know when to shut up and drink his bloody wine.
    "Do I taste a hint of Jasmine? And is that honey?"