Thursday, May 13, 2010

prodical mother

Tonight I feel like a very good mum. Yesterday I cooked a brand new meal for tea. These two statements may not seem like they are related but they are! To feel like a good mum I have to have a pretty good run(not physical run, since I am obviously allergic to exercise) but a good run at mothering. It is impossible to feel like a really good mum if I just do one nice thing, I have to do multiple things in a row without any bad things interrupting the flow. The flow of the last 24 hours started with dinner last night. I cooked a new meal; this always goes down well with Bennett (who likes to think of himself as some Michelin star chef although he had never even raised a cutting knife; except when unloading the dishwasher) There were no real compliments from Bennett as he ate my Thai green curry, but he did do his judges at Masterchef impersonation, which he only does when he is eating something he enjoys. Tick one to Mum. Later that night we read the 7th chapter of Tomorrow When The War Began together. He loves it when I read to him and I love it when I can ask him recall and inference questions. Tick two to Mum and Teacher. This morning I got Bennett into the shower without complaint, picture my amazed face here! Tick three to Mum. Tonight I baked two batches of brownies, always a winner. Tick four to Mum and Betty Crocker. Also, tonight we got through Maths homework with only one argument, this is actually a miracle on par with a statue of Jesus crying. Tick five to Mum (no thanks to stupid schools that give pointless homework) Feeling very smug. Will now go and tell Bennett it is bed time and hope that it does not ruin the dream run.


  1. At least I am succeeding in one aspect of my life right now. Whenever I feel like I am doing well in one area, I feel like one of the other balls I juggle has fallen down. The aim is to get all balls up and happy at the same time.... Hmmm, this sounds a little wrong but you know what I mean.