Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guess what?

I have had the most amazing weekend! I went away to my second wedding this month - it was beautiful. Then I went to my niece's 5th birthday party, it was very sweet. Then I went on an amazing date - yes, you read it right and I am not being sarcastic. I went on an AMAZING date!
It was with a guy that I knew from high school. He once wrote me a poem in high school. I was horrified because he was a nice, funny, sweet and intelligent guy and I was totally into assholes at the time. (I was 16, that is my defense)
Anyway I saw him during the summer holidays, for the first time in 18 years and thankfully my tastes have changed. I am now quite fond of nice, funny, sweet and intelligent guys. We have been facebook messaging since we met up and on Saturday night he took me out on a date while I was up in New Plymouth. We were planning to go and see my friend and Ben Hurley do some stand up in Hawera but the tickets were sold out. He told me not to worry that he would work something out, and so he did! He picked me up just before sunset and drove me to one of the very nice beaches on the surf highway. The sun was setting and he pulled out brownies and hot chocolate sauce and feijoa wine (actually 3 wines that I got to choose from, I love feijoas) and then he whipped out his netbook and played some Ben Hurley stand up that he had downloaded for us to watch. He also bought a jacket for me to wear in case I was cold and a blanket. We stayed there for hours talking and reminiscing. We talked til 3am, when I finally decided I would have to go home because I had to travel to Wellington in the morning. It was the best date ever! And the cherry on the top of this story is he is travelling to Wellington on Wednesday to see me. Happiness.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I can post a photo

See Richard I can do it

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Firstly, I would apologise for not having posted in an age, but I am not bloody sorry, and you have come to expect infrequent postings from me, so no need to apologise.
Today I went to a wedding. Weddings are beautiful and enjoyable and really quite moving. But how come I just come away from it feeling like a big old loser?
Is it because in 34 years not one single bloody person on the whole planet has ever wanted to marry me? That could be it, but I don't want to jump to any rash conclusions. The thing is I could go happily through life never getting married. Not because I don't believe in commitment for life, I do. But because I don't need the ceremony to be committed to someone. Even so, I would like someone to want to marry me. I am a pretty awesome person, but no one else seems to think so.
Right this is getting really depressing, so I shall run off and have a little scratch at my wrists in preparation for the wedding I have to go to in two weeks time. May as well start the self loathing early for that one.

Me at the wedding - sorry about it being sideways but I uploaded on to blogger before changing it and now I don't no how to change it - techno retard.