Wednesday, December 29, 2010

holiday nothingness

What has Fflur been doing, I hear you ask? Well not a lot is the short answer to that, but that would be a boring post wouldn't it?
I have been doing what most teachers do during this time. I have been celebrating Christmas (you don't have to be a teacher to do this one actually) I have been spending quality time with my son (playing table tennis, watching him swim and timing how long he can hold his breath under water, going biking with him, doing running races with him, playing tennis etc etc)
I have also been spending time with my Mum, sisters, aunt, uncle, cousins etc - playing board games, drinking G&Ts and chatting about everything and nothing.
I have also spent some time alone, watching loads of dvds and reading books. I wish I could report that I have read something amazing but I haven't, they have all been hoilday worthy books (ones that don't make me think too much) I have watched a lot of dvds, most of them are what would be called chick flicks, why do woman like these types of movies so much? I don't really know, they are so predicatable and really unrealistic but I just love them.
And that, ladies and gentleman is all Fflur has been up to since her last post. Not a lot. A lot of nothing, but that is quite nice for a holiday. In about 9 days we head to the South Island and then I may have more to post about.


  1. Hi Fflur. You might want to fix up the title of this post,
    "hoiday nothingness."

  2. 'Hoiday' might be Welsh for 'vacation'?

  3. Oops! Thanks for pointing that out Richard

  4. Enjoy your break Fflur. Chick flicks aren't too bad. I've watched quite a few when my beloved has been watching them. Quite educational for us poor blokes.