Monday, December 13, 2010

End of year

Dear Santa,

Thank you for Christmas. As you know I am a big fan of the season, even though I only get 2 presents (no matter how good I have been!) I love all the food we get at Christmas time because deep down I am a gluttonous pig. I love to eat until I feel like I am going to vomit, at which point I usually lie down for the mandatory Christmas day sleep. However, this year Santa since I have been extra, extra good could you please deliver me one of these for Christmas

It does not have to be this particular variety, although something close would be gratefully accepted. In fact I am not feeling particularly fussy at all at this time of year Santa, anything will do.

Yours gratefully,

Fflur (the very good girl who deserves a reward)


  1. Fflur, where were women like you when I was younger and single?

  2. And I should have mentioned once had a body like Dan's.

  3. I just did a calculation and realised that when I was 36 I met the love of my life whom I'm still passionately enjoying life with. She at age 34 had just given up teaching and was embarking on a new career which now keeps us in the manner that we like to live and took me to realms of delight that I never thought was possible.

  4. Good news! I am 34 so maybe this is my year!

  5. Best of luck on your heart's desire Fflur.
    Maybe the problem is you're too good.

  6. Yes, TSB(nta,tS), some men are scared to ask good looking women out.
    By the way, when the wine guy was 36, you would have been about 12.

    Hey Fflur, I have a feeling that this WILL be your year.

  7. "please deliver me one of these for Christmas"
    You called?
    Happy Christmas!