Monday, December 6, 2010


Setting: outside house, 5:40pm, 20mins before Bennett attends Year 8 leavers dinner. Bennett is anxious to get to resturant on time, Mother is wanting to capture an important moment/milestone in her son's life.

Mother: Smile
Bennett: groan
Mother snaps one photo where Bennett has perfected the art of the stanch rugby boy look.

Mother: tring to coax him into a smile: Think about something happy - like Loki maybe? (the cat, whom Bennett adores and never fails to raise a smile on Bennett's dial)
Bennett: hurry up!
Bennett runs to car and tries to get in, avoiding mothers photo snapping

Mother: One more
Bennett: It's not important!
Mother: (with a tear in her eye and a breaking heart pleads) It's important to me.
Bennett: groans
Mother snaps another couple of shots where Bennett looks annoyed. These look remarkably like Bennett's first day of school photos which mother can not scan to show anyone on her blogspot.

Bennett: Let's go, we will be late.
Mother: One more, with a smile?
Bennett: No

Mother and Bennett get into car where they have a mostly quiet journey to restaurant. Mother thinks how sad it is that her son has grown up so much. Bennett probably thinking about food.


  1. I hope tea went well, and that you weren't too embarrasing.

  2. I didn't get to go to the dinner, it was just for the students. I did get strict instructions not to kiss him goodbye when I dropped him off.

  3. Wow, he really is growing up. Were you allowed to sit next to him/talk to him at the restaurant?

  4. Welcome to teenagerhood.
    The silences will get more frequent, the cuddles less. He won't stop loving you, but it will become excruciatingly embarrassing for Bennett to express his feelings.

    Be proud.

    He's becoming a MAN.