Thursday, January 6, 2011

Badminton tournament time

If you are a long term reader of my blog and have a good memory you may remember that last year we had a family badminton tournament. Bennett has requested more of the same this year, but this year we have uped the game and made a real draw! (Bennett has also requested a real trophy, will have to see what the $2 shop has on offer)
I am currenly sitting second to last of the table, only my Aunt is below me. However, not all games have been played and I am feeling hopeful of coming back from behind.
Play has been delayed for the last two days as the weather has been a bit to windy and those shuttlecocks don't stand up to much wind. It is nice a calm today, so I am hoping today will be my day!
Here I intended to put in a few shots of the action but the computer says no.
I will put some action shots up and the results soon. Wait with bated breath.


  1. "Wait with bated breath."
    Of that you can be sure.
    You go girl!

  2. My money's on Bennett finishing at least in the top three.

  3. Sounds like a wicked way to spend the summer.