Sunday, January 23, 2011

A series of afflictions

Thurday morning - A racing heart.
the final day of our visit to the South Island was capped off with a 5.1 aftershock. It disrupted my dreams at 6.05am and left me with a racing heart and a real Christchurch experience. The South Island trip was amazing. In Kaikoura we sea kayaked out to a seal colony, in Christchurch we went to the Antarctic centre, the cathedral, the tram and Quail Island to see the lepers (dead ones) In Akaroa we went out on a boat to see the Hector's dolphin (if only I could have captured a picture of Bennett's excitement, he was like a little child again as the dolphins swam along the front of the boat) and we ate the most glorious fudge. In Little Akaloa we went to stay at my cousin's batch and read and ate food all day. So it seemed like a cherry on the top when my South Island trip was concluded with a shake.

Thursday evening - a dizzy head.
It seems motion sickness does not effect my tummy. At no point did I feel queasy sick crossing the Cook Straight, even though the boat was rocking and rolling on the very bumpy sea. But I felt so dizzy, even the next day I didn't feel right. Never mind, at least my Butter Chicken dinner didn't come to greet me again like it did for some other people.

Friday morning to present day - hundreds of itchy bites covering me from cheek to foot.
We came home to fleas. And despite over 100 dollars being spent on flea treatments and bombs, I still caught a live flea on my cheek this afternoon. I almost cried. If you have ever had the misfortune of tasting like a complete delicacy to a blood sucking insect, and therefore being covered with well over 50 bites you may understand my plight. But in addition to this I have been woken night after night as my bites warm up in bed and get so itchy I want scratch myself until I bleed and/or bruise. Then I spend a fortune bombing the house and cats only to find they are still alive. I loathe cats right now.


  1. "I loathe cats right now."
    Arise Fflur (of RBB).

  2. Fflur (of RBB), fleas are better than crows.

  3. "Then I spend a fortune bombing the house and cats only to find they are still alive."

    I trust that this is merely a grammatical error and not an attempt to kill the cats.