Friday, January 28, 2011

money is flying away

As you know I just came back from a nice relaxing holiday - and even though it was not overseas, after paying for my mum, Bennett, me and my mums car on a return trip on the ferry, then paying for food and accommodation and activities while away, I was feeling like I was watching my money fly away. It was worth it, I needed a good break.
When I got back it seems my money had gotten so used to flying away from me, it decided to just keep going.
$840 - Bennett's compulsory netbook for school
$113 - Bennett's stationary for school (what the f**K - aren't you going to write in your netbook!)
$156 - flea treatment for two flea ridden cats, and two flea bombs for the house.
$50 something - WOF for car, which it fails for "exhaust leak"
$250 - fixing exhaust leak and getting the car serviced.
$720 - fixing the brake pads and shoes, and the back engine braces (that crumbled when pulled out)
$414 - the amount that still needs to be paid to fix the front engine braces which were damaged because the back ones were so badly damaged.
$300 plus - the amount it will then cost to get its new rego.
$290 - the amount I have to pay in the first couple of weeks of school for Bennett to attend camp.
$3133 - the cause of an hour and a half major panic attack this morning that had me in tears.


  1. Yes I know that sickening feeling in the stomach. Nowadays money just seems to fly out. A few years ago it all seemed so manageable. My advice -drink a bottle of really good wine, not a cheap one but something of a style you like and that normally you would avoid as it is a bit expensive. When measured against the surprises of brake and clutch repair costs it will seem cheap and will be much, much more satisfying.

  2. I feel your hurt sister

    (new lingo as a result of watching blues videos)

    What school does he need the netbook for?

  3. Can't you tell them NO to the netbook?
    It seems a bit much.
    I know what you mean about the money haemorrhage, no matter how careful we seem to be, the savings just don't seem to be going up.
    Maybe we should leave teaching, and get a better paying job, like a garbage collector?

  4. "Maybe we should leave teaching, and get a better paying job, like a garbage collector?"

    You mean reverse the flow like?