Monday, January 31, 2011

First days at school

8 years ago Bennett started primary school. He didn't want his photo taken to mark the milestone, but I insisted. Here are the charming photos that come from forcing your 5 year old son into having his photo taken.

Yesterday Bennett started high school. Again he didn't want his photo taken. I am not into pushing a stubborn teen into doing things if it is not really important. Why cause tension if you don't have to? So I thought I would be a little sneaky and take them after I dropped him at his friend's house. Sure they would be of him walking away, but I thought that could be symbolic of this major milestone - you know, his growing up and slowly distancing himself and severing the umbilical cord. In my head it was good. I was sneakily getting what I wanted, without causing tension and I could even claim some kind of symbolicness to it. That was in my head. The reality is this.

I ended up with blurry photos, where Bennett is merely a tiny yellow-hatted spot in the distance, and with my head out the window I looked like some crazy stalker of young boys.


  1. Just chewin' the carrot here. Bennett is not going to Taita College, is he?

  2. Bennett has enjoyed his first week at Welly High - well I have heard no complaints so I take that as a good sign.