Saturday, January 8, 2011

Look she swims...

..well floats actually!
It has been very lovely in Taradise of late and so I have been tempted into the pool. This is actually something of a miracle as although I really enjoy swimming it has to get really hot for me to want to get in there. So here I am, the bathing beauty.
Tomorrow I leave Taranaki. I love Taranaki like Richard loves basses but I have to say I am ready to go home - there is nothing like your own bed. And on Thursday me, Mum and Bennett head to the South Island so I will leave you imagining all the wonderful posts that are yet to come - oh the anticipation!


  1. I'm holding my breath, but, after all, I am an asthmatic.

  2. I look forward to hearing all about it

  3. "Look she swims..."
    Look she doesn't update her blog.