Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting my Gaga on

At the end of the year it is tradition(this is a word you become very familiar with at East) for the teachers to do a stage challenge dance. This year we are doing an x factor slash American idol type thing. There are 3 dances, one is a Susan Boyle/Pussycat dolls mix, another features the horrid Beiber and the last one is Lady Gaga. I am in the Gaga dance and I have been trying to get in touch with my inner Gaga for the past week. It seems I can do the choreographed dance moves when there is no music playing, but as soon as I put the music on and try it, it all turns to rubbish! it would seem my body just wants to do some weird freestyle/acting/nerdy dance moves. I just wanna get my groove on and my groove is just not the Gaga groove. I am getting REALLY frustrated! I do not want to go on and not have it nailed, I would never want to go on stage if I didn't feel confident about a drama performance and it is the same for dance. Sadly I think me and Gaga will never become one. When the dance goes on youtube - which will be approximately 5 mins after we have performed it at school I will post the link and you can see the disaster for yourself.

This is the inspiration for my outfit - I will post photos of the finished product after the event.


  1. Fflur,
    Do I have to remind you that a performance must be intuitive? Listen to the music that you are dancing to over and over again and imagine your moves. Feel the pulse in the music and imagine Lady Gaga. Then turn the music off and go through the moves slowly - just imagine the music in your head. Repetition of these exercises should bring it all together.
    I know you can do this.
    You WILL be successful.

  2. Why not cut out the middleman and just post the dance on youtube now?

  3. Maybe a meat cotume would help?

  4. The horrible thing about tradition is the way that it bends everyone to it's will.
    Be brave.
    Be yourself.
    Tell them to get stuffed and that if they want Lady bloody Gaga up on stage then pay the bloody money and fly her in, otherwise bugger off.

    At least that's what I'd do. But as everyone keeps telling me, I'm a grumpy old anti-social bugger. Getting older does have some advantages.

  5. I really want to be in the stage challenge, it will be fun and the girls will really enjoy it, even if we are awful.
    Richard - thanks for the advice, but I have tried this approach. I am thinking about just freestyling and having the others just be my back up dancers, I know I will be great if I freestyle