Saturday, November 6, 2010

domestic goddess

Some days I feel like a real domestic goddess, I feel like this when I am busy pottering around the house all day and I really enjoy it instead of thinking about how annoying it is to be doing all these mundane housework jobs. Today was one of the days I really enjoyed it. I cleaned the house, did 4 loads of laundry and made 26 amazing cupcakes to give to my form class tomorrow since it is our last form class for the year - well actually last form class ever, as at East your form class is a class you teach so you don't have the same form class the next year.
Here is one of my wonderful domestic goddess cupcakes

John-Paul may think these look familiar and that is because I saw them once on one of his blog entries and remembered them.
I am immensely proud of these little creations.


  1. Damn the photo is really small! Please view and admire them anyway

  2. If I end up buying a cupcake today- I think it would be your fault. But they won't ever look as spectacular as yours.

  3. My form class won't be getting food from me. They're a good bunch, it's just that there is too much happening right now - y11 prizegiving and senior prizegiving on Tuesday. Lots of practises are still needed.
    Comeinyourpants, the scantily clad women are on TSB (not the arena, the Scotsman)'s blog.

  4. I know Fflur's a little bit on the petite side, but even she couldn't fit into a cupcake.

    Mind you it's given me a nice idea for a future post. There's something really decadent about the image of a comely cook wearing only an apron cooking up cupcakes.

  5. They look amazing! You are also making me feel like a crap teacher as I am doing nothing for my classes.

  6. Nice.

    Of course, I had nothing to do with these cupcakes, but I was an enthusiastic devourer.