Saturday, November 13, 2010


I shouldn't be this tired at this time of year. Things are winding down, the seniors have left, I am having a fun time focussing on and teaching my juniors (my year 9 English class and me are in the midst of devising a cupcake unit - which involves working cupcakes into anything we learn) and it is not far till the 10th of December when all lessons end for the year, hooray!
But today I am very, very tired, and it is all to do with children. Not the children I teach but the children in my lovely family.
It may have escaped your notice but I have a 13 year old child. There are things you can moan about when you have a 13 year old child and you are a full time working single mother - and sometimes I do. But there are lots of things that you should be grateful for when you have a 13 year old child and last night I was reminded of the wonderful qualities he has now acquired.
Last night my nephews, aged 8 and 5, came to stay the night. Feeding them dessert and letting them play on the computer was fine. I loved having a full dinner table and listening to their conversations; and listening to their squeals of delight as they played games on the computer. Everything was absolutely delightful until bedtime.
Following is a rundown of events that made me tired and grateful for a 13 year old.
7:30 Luka (5 year old) cried because his brother had two pairs of boxers packed and he couldn't find his anywhere (tears about such a mundane thing should have been a foreshadowing to me of the night to come)
8:00 Stories read,teeth brushed and children tucked in bed. Mission done...
8:01 Noah out of bed "can you please stop walking around, I can't sleep"
8:05 Noah out of bed "I want my mummy" Cries. Cuddle and back to bed
8:08 Noah out of bed "the bed is too uncomfortable, I want my bed" Cries. Cuddle and we watch some Guns n Roses on youtube together - we dance, he goes back to bed
8:30 Noah out of bed "I miss my mummy, can you text her?" Take Noah to bed and lie there with him until he falls asleep.
9:00 Crawl out of bed without waking Noah and go upstairs for some me time.
10:00 Decide I better go to be because they will probably wake me early in the morning.
10:01 - 11:30 Luka sound asleep in my room makes the following noises "cough, splutter, slurp, snore, cough, snore, splutter, cough, snore, drool, chew on tongue, cough, snort, cough, cough, COUGH, cough up a lung, snore....etc"
11:30 Noah wakes up "I have a sore throat" Cries "can you call mummy?"
11:35 Luka wakes up "I need to blow my nose" Cries - not sure why.
11:35 - 12:30 I am up and down getting drinks of water, tissues, and looking in vain for liquid panadol.
Around 12:40 I manage to block out the constant stream of noises coming from Luka and drift off into a restless sleep which is disrupted all night by weird dreams and coughing noises.
6am - both boys awake and wanting cereal. Breakfast is followed by them asking me for more food at 15 min intervals, after an hour of this I ask "do you have worms or what?" blank looks are returned from both boys "I'm hungry" Noah states.
Nice to meet you hungry, I'm tired. I lamely think but wisely do not say.
It occurs to me after they left that perhaps it is strange that I want more children, even though it would mean I would have to go back to this sort of life, which is one Bennett grew out of a long time ago. But I do, for all their foibles, they are wonderful.


  1. I want no more children. Thanks for reminding me what sleep overs can be like.

  2. Basses are easier to look after than children.

  3. Whiskey can be used in place of liquid panadol...

  4. My goodness Nicola,
    I didn't realise you had Scottish blood.

    Quite right about its use, in small amounts (don't waste the Whisky) it can be soporific.
    However, I've found that making a "Magic Medicine" which can cure all ills (including homesickness) is more effective.
    It consists of milk, honey, sherry, nutmeg and most importantly, red food colouring.
    Heat the milk (don't boil), add about 2 teaspoons of honey/cup of milk, stir to dissolve.
    Add 2 teaspoons sherry/cup of milk, stir well.
    Grate a nutmeg into the mixture (amount varies to taste) and stir well.
    Add enough red food colouring to make the mixture a virulent pink.
    Serve in small tea-cups.

    If that doesn't work, the other alternative is to drink enough whisky yourself until unconsciousness looms. Then you don't care how much noise the kids make, and they learn not to bother you, as they don't get a response.

  5. Someone recently referred to the early-child years as 'the tired years'... I'd have to agree!!! Bring on the moment when the small one is old enough to get her own breakfast and sit unattended in front of the idiot box for a couple of hours!!!!