Friday, November 5, 2010

Rhythm is a dancer

On Thursday after school we had our dance afternoon extravaganza which we called "Rhythm is a dancer" This was the final assessment for our Year 11, 12 and 13 Drama classes and our year 11 Dance class. It was also an opportunity for our junior drama/dance classes to show off to the paying public, one of the dances they had created throughout the year. East has a sensational performing arts department, and by that I not only mean the staff who run it (although obviously we are awesome) but the girls who attend our classes. I am in awe of them and they inspire me, with their openness, determination, drive and passion. I often feel incredibly proud to be their facilitator. I sat back and watched them perform an amazing show; with dance after dance that made me smile, swell with pride and feel that little flutter you get inside you when you watch something that 'talks' to you. I love watching people perform, and I love performing myself. my performances may not be out in the public putting on stage productions (I know from past experience how much time that takes and as a single mother my son must take precedence at this stage) But everyday I perform for my classes. I have done dances, improvisations, skits, round offs, handstands, and told multiple jokes and stories. I could not get through a day without doing this because it makes me happy to perform. Everyone of the girls that performed on Thursday feels the same. It showed when they performed and it filled my heart. This may sound cheesy and make some people feel a little sick, but I don't give a damn! It seems not many people value teachers and all they try to do and achieve, sometimes that hurts. But some days I feel so fantastic about my job that I don't care what they say. Next year we have even more drama and dance classes, so we must be doing something right.


  1. Telling jokes whilst doing a handstand?
    Now I know teachers are underpaid.

  2. Wow Fflur,
    You guys are like the All Blacks of performing arts departments.

  3. It is a really exciting to be part of it - next year we have gained another year 12 drama class, another year 12 performance studies (singing) a year 12 dance class and another year 9 drama class (year 9 drama is not compulsory) So we now have 5 year 9s, 3 year 10s, 2 year 11 drama, 1 year 11 dance, two year 12 drama, 1 year 12 dance and 1 year 13 drama - we have not enough teachers at this stage to cover all the classes - perhaps we can steal some more of your teachers to come and teach here.

  4. I'm impressed.
    Good to see your enthusiasm is back.

    I can think of a couple of teachers you can have. How about Ringo?

    I was going to ask you to post some pictures of your senior girls dancing in leotards, but better not. I do have some morals left.

  5. No thanks to Ringo, we only take the good ones