Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

I have aspirations to be Baby Houseman - for those of you who are over 50 or under 20 Baby is the main character in Dirty Dancing.

It is not the being swept off my feet and falling in love with a hot dance instructor that I aspire to have (although that is a nice little fantasy tucked away in the back of my head, but that is where it will stay) I aspire to be a dancer, a good one, not just a drunk bar top dancer. I worked damn hard last night to learn the steps for the cha cha and I have the blisters to prove it! I could insert a photo here of my blisters but maybe that is too much. I am going back for my second lesson tomorrow night.
I have to say Dirty Dancing prepared me well for my first lesson, cause although the dance instructor was not as hot as Patrick Swayze, he did tell me to keep my frame straight and not look down. Next I expect him to take me to a lake to practise our lift - I wonder if I have to wear all white for this experience like Baby did?


  1. I'm pretty sure there's no lift in the Cha cha, unless in one of your fantasies, but have fun.

    Blisters are optional.

    Nicola. Please contain your enthusiasm. Maybe wait until after Fflur puts a pic of her instructor on her blog.

    Confirming word was fullto!

  2. Fflur, we need an update - sort of like a date, but no man need be involved.