Sunday, November 14, 2010

once I won a dancing competition... was not a competition with any criteria that I was aware of, I didn't have to officially practise for it (although to be fair I had been practising for it, albeit in a completely unaware state for many drunken, pub dancing years)
This competition did not have that many other participates (about 6) but still I am the proud winner of a table top dancing competition held at a backpackers bar on Wakefield St; the prize (apart from the obvious adulation) was a 50 dollar bar tab - at the time I was very happy with that.
Why this anecdote? Well it is my segway into telling you all about my dance lessons. Tomorrow night I am starting to take official dance lessons - not as the teacher but the student! I am going to learn the salsa, the cha cha and some other dances they dance on Dancing with the Stars. It is not Dancing with the stars that has inspired me, but taking dance classes (as the teacher) which is the cause. I love dance class, but apart from dancing on tables there is not a lot of depth to my knowledge.
I am beginning with dancing for beginners but hopefully, if all goes to plan I may end up doing this

Bennett was not so sure about me achieving this. He is very concerned about me going, he said with a very concerned/disbelieving look, "I am worried you will fail" like it would some how be a reflection on him. I don't think I will fail, and even if I did, I intend to have fun doing it.


  1. You will not fail. You have my guarantee on that - as someone who runs a very successful bass bag blog.

  2. I'm sure you won't fail, but I can't guarantee you'll end up like the lady in the photograph, wrapped around a handsome fellow.

    Are you sure of your motivation here?

    Do you want to learn ballroom dancing, or just meet and grapple with handsome men?

    Be warned. My beloved dragged me to dancing lessons about 3 years ago, just before my daughter got married (so we wouldn't look absolute pratts at the wedding).
    It was hot and sweaty.
    Most present were in their 40s and 50s.
    We had one guy who must have been at least 200kg, and who my beloved said had wandering (and sweaty) hands, and another who was along with his "minder" who refused to dance with him, but was (almost) always there to help when her charge refused to let go of his partner at the end of a dance.
    It was an interesting and never-to-be-repeated experience.

  3. BTW
    I notice the girl in your photograph isn't wearing many clothes.

    Well done.

  4. My motivation is not to meet men, I am fully aware that the sort of man I am interested in will not be going to dance lessons! Anyway it should be fun.

  5. I don't go to dance lessons - bloody nancy stuff if you ask me. Listen. Shirl goes out to bingo on Thursday nites if you want to come around.