Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Post

I really have been very lazy. Holidays are time for laziness. I have been indulging in utter laziness this week.(and perhaps some past weeks if Richard and Douglas's posts are anything to go by) Next week when I am back in Welly it will be time to indulge in marking and planning...perhaps indulge is not the right word here,more like wallow sadly in marking and planning.
This is going to be the end of my post today as I am sitting in the sun after a day spent at the beach and I am feeling very sleepy...


  1. I hope that this post is not putting you out too much.

  2. I wonder how long this post will sit here unloved?

  3. I think I will do another post when I get back to welly,with some pictures from my holidays to amuse the masses.