Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trampoline fun

I like to spend a bit of time perusing Stuff (the website) at work. I do this partly because it is really the only website of any interest that I can actually access and because I like to challenge Renata, Sam and Brent to the quiz each day. Today while perusing I found an article entitled "Teen sexual disease rates worry schools" now because I am a frequent visitor to a school with teens, this interested me. I opened it up and the first word that draws my attention is Taranaki (ahh, my home province, doesn't it make you proud!) The articles opening statement was... "The rate of sexually transmitted infections is through the roof in Taranaki because of younger teenagers engaging in regular sex." Really? they are having sex, and this is how they are getting sexually transmitted diseases? Gee I am glad you cleared that up for me, I was a little confused as to how it was happening. After clearing that up I started to remember my teen years in the good old Naki and I have to say, things have not really changed. That kinda makes it sound like I may have had a sexually transmitted disease, but rest assured blog followers this is not the case, I was really quite virtuous back then. The one time I remember taking a condom to a party I gave it to my best friend and lets just say the rest of the story involved her, a not too lovely young man and a trampoline, enough said. It was this party that sprung to mind because 3 of my best friends lost their virginity that night and there was only one condom at that party. I think the only thing that has changed in Taranaki, or anywhere in New Zealand for that matter is the complete saturation the media has on our lives. All these terrible things teens do these days were done before, teens are not coming up with anything new, they just have new toys to do it with (note, don't mean sexual toys here, but who knows they may have some new toys in that area as well) What we do have is a media franchise that loves to tell us everything. I bet there are teens involved in trampoline fun all over the country, and good luck to them I say, just wear a bloody condom!


  1. Challenging. I think you're right. Even in Presbyterian Scotland in the 70s, we were doing it like rabbits.
    What I find really worrying in this post is that it seems to imply that your friends used the same condom at least 3 times.

  2. The reusable condom concept could make someone rich, once they figure out a way to clean it between use.

  3. I kept mine in my wallet for years. It never got dirty that way.

  4. eek - condom was only used one (as far as i know, once I handed it over I really have no idea what she or they did with it, they may have shared it)

  5. Maybe that's a possibility for an Entrepreneurial project. Condom washing and recycling for fun and profit.

  6. Someone put a condom on my floor today and everyone (in a year 10 class) was curious to see what my reaction to it would be. Well, I guess that's another use for condoms - sort of like a 'bring and test'.

  7. I saw one of our less than savoury junior boys who had actually pulled a condom over his head, and was walking through the school. I'll name no names but he's very short and has the initials JJ.
    I said to him as I passed on my way to my class "You look like a right d*ck J**sse"
    Oh the fun we have in Nuova Lazio High!

    BTW Fflur, have you set the time option properly, this site is showing I posted yesterday at 1:01 am, and I was sound asleep then.

  8. I have no idea how to set any time thing on this?

  9. To set the time:
    First make sure you're signed in
    Look at top right of your screen
    Select Design
    Select Back to Blogger
    Select the settings tab on the top left
    Select the Formatting menu which you should see under the settings tab
    Now scroll down until you see the Time Zone box.
    Select the Auckland time zone.
    Now go down to the very nottom of the page and select save settings
    Have fun

  10. Oh look.
    I'm sure I spotted a cobweb on this blog. It's been undisturbed for so long. :-)

  11. And the time's still not right.
    You would think that such a pretty girl would be more concerned about her appearance.

  12. Dear God,
    the undisturbed spiders have started to breed.
    Run for the hills.

  13. Fflur may have found a man. Now she doesn't need us.

  14. Fflur has not found a man, just been over run with reports, marking, parent teacher interviews, open evenings (at East and taking my soon to be year 9 son to see prospective schools) and insomnia. I will try to clean out the cobwebs soon

  15. It is like that in Bremen too. I understanding. Do you know Richard who runs the bass bag?
    Aurel Mueller

  16. Really Fflur,
    it does sound rather like a rationalisation.
    Just a little one.
    Go on, you know you like to.
    Just three little lines.
    Is that too much to ask?
    Don't disappoint our German visitors.

  17. Remember, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
    Don't prevaricate (see I actually read one of your posts!)

  18. I'm growing old. Will this post be updated in my lifetime?

  19. I don't believe this. Just post something so that we can all get on with our lives.
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