Saturday, June 5, 2010

bad blogger

I have been a very bad blogger of late, getting too caught up in the business of everyday life to write about it. I have been reprimanded, and now this ashamed little blogger will try and think of something to write about. Maybe the problem is that I have not baked or cooked anything, I have not been on any disastrous dates and indeed have not done anything even remotely interesting for weeks. However, this is a mere trifling little detail in Richard's world, he never lets it stop him from posting when he has done nothing of interest. I will take a page out of Richard's book, or Richard's bass bag and tell you what I have done today.

I will start my post by naming it after the day, I like how Richard does this, he is always thinking of others and reminding them what day it is in case they forgot. So....
Sunday, the day before Monday and following Saturday
Today I have to mark a my year 12's creative writing - this will be very tiresome as I have read and re-read these stories for 2 weeks and am totally sick of hearing about someone 'well known' to them, which is the task. Then to top off all this exciting reading of creative writing, I have to proof read my form classes reports and put lovely little post it notes on it, telling people where to put commas etc (like I know!?)
Yesterday (which was Saturday, the day following Friday of the teacher's only day) I watched Avatar - this was quite possibly 4 hours of my life completely wasted. I watched it to be a good mum, and now he really owes me when I am old and senile.
Well that is all for me on this fine Sunday; look forward to Monday's post - all about my exciting activities on the day set aside to celebrate the Queen's birth.


  1. "Today I have to mark a my year 12's creative writing"
    You talk like an Italian.
    Bin Hire

  2. Well Bin a at a least a she's updated her a blog!
    Madre di Dio!

  3. Cheese of a donkey! An update.
    Be thankful that you don't have to proof read the output of all teachers in Nuova Lazio High, as I will have to do on Friday.
    Never mind, I'm sure that Bennett will be grateful for your company watching Avatar, for at least 2 minutes.