Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keeping your undies safe

Today was a very trying day for me. The people who have come to replace our broken fireplace arrived to finally fix it today. Let me start by saying it was an incredible mission to get someone here to replace the fire, tradesmen it seems deserve their reputation for being useless (I won't bore you with a thorough detailing of their uselessness, as that would make this a very long post) Anyway, the told me they would arrive today between 9 and 10 and when they did arrive at 9:58 I guess they were technically correct. I had planned to go out at some point today (leaving my undies to fend for themselves in my drawers against the tradesmen, who we all know, thanks to Target, are prone to a little undie caressing Sitting at home all day is the kind of thing that sends me a little loopy, I become like a caged animal, pacing backwards and forwards with no real purpose in life. Sadly this was not to be. Firstly I had to help the gas/fireman repairer find the gas meter (is that not your job I asked myself? shall I ask him to do a bit of my marking?) Then he told me there was a major leak in my main gas pipe, said with much raised eye brows and sense of dread in voice. "oh dear" I meekly replied. So the rest of the day was dedicated to him fixing the leak in my gas pipe and not the fire. At one point he marched into the house with the removed broken gas pipe to show it to me. "This was your pipe" he said, again with the serious voice and and sense of dread. I think I was meant to apologise for the state of my pipes or something...Anyway the joyus end to this story is that because he spent the day fixing the pipe the fire, which is in parts all over my lounge is not installed and will have to wait until tomorrow...another day of protecting my undies from the undesirable tradesmen...


  1. Yes but fairs fair. When tradesmen bend over they do give you a free view of their bum-cracks.

  2. Ah tradesmen! They charge the earth and then expect free access to your undies! They are a blight on humanity.

  3. Who is responsible for your gas main pipe? In the UK if the leak is before the meter, the supplying company is responsible for all repairs.

    As regards tradesmen, I always tell the students if they want to make plenty of money then become a tradesman. Sparky, carpenter, builder etc.
    But not a plumber.

    Plumbers can never bite their fingernails. They do repair sewage pipes and toilets you know.

    Please dont discuss your undesirable undies;
    A. It might make the males reading this sweat.
    B. It might make okatoONLINE uncomfortable. (Read monumentaly embarassed)
    C. One of your tradesmen might read this and you might give him ideas!

  4. Nice revamp of your blog, Fflur! I almost didn't recognise it :) Boooooo only 3 more days 'til back at school!!! See you on Monday.

  5. Rochelle, we (TSB and I) won't see you on Monday because we work at a different school.

  6. And why is it tradesmen are NEVER hot! If they were, that would make up for their failures!

  7. I totally concur with you pink paddler, I may even direct a hot tradesmen to my panty drawer

  8. Writing as a non-hot, non-tradesman, non-female, I am getting uncomfortable.

    Danny LaRue

  9. "I am getting uncomfortable."

    Danny, your panties are too tight. Try another drawer.

    (the word verification was "beates")

  10. Yes, that's true, Richard... I live near-ish to you though... wave on the way past!!