Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I don't consider myself a particularly lazy person. I am a working, single mother whose house is always clean, so I can't be too bad. However, today I found that I was only getting around to eating my breakfast at 12 noon. Is that the act of a lazy person? I will admit holidays do bring out a certain lazy, can't be bothered attitude in me, is that lazy? or am I simply doing what holidays were designed for? This morning I didn't wake until 9:30; in less than a week that will be during first period (or spell, if you are Wainui inclined) After waking at this lazy hour I spent the next hour and a half reading, still cuddled up under my duvet. I then arose for a leisurely shower, not the rushed kind I have on a school day, and then slowly ate breakfast. All of this may not sound excessively lazy, but to someone that is used to rushing around like a blue arsed fly it feels it. The other small thing that makes me feel like I am being really lazy is that I have a mountain of marking to do. Is it lazy not to do it during the holidays? Is is really a holiday if I have to do work?
Before I leave you to ponder this deep and thought provoking question I will leave you with two things. First, feel free to check out my son's blog which I have only just discovered (it is a secret which I happened upon, it is called okatoONLINE) and here are some pics from my recent holiday...


  1. Lovely pics.
    Mt. Fuji?
    Holidays aren't holidays unless you unwind and relax.
    I always take unmarked marking back to school on the first day. It gives me a nice feeling of desperation to start the first week.

  2. Well it was a very stunning day, I was inspired

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