Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Four days no teaching

My school in all its infinite wisdom has decided to have a mid-term break. This means four days off for the students and three days off for the teachers, with a teacher only day on thrown in on Monday (so four days off teaching)
I felt a real sense of relief today after school. That I had four days to catch up on the huge load of work that has been waiting patiently on my desk for quite some time.
It might get done.....

Last night was my Year 12 assessment evening, which went really well, apart from when I nearly broke my knee. I was madly running around backstage organising a group when in the darkness of the blackout I walked straight into a big black wooden box. I now have a big bruise on my knee to go with the bruises on my arms and hand from a blood test, and about 20 flea bites. I am really pleased with these body decorations as Naki guy comes down for the weekend tomorrow morning....excellent, looking so hot right now!

Please don't expect any updates during my four days off - but four days without me is no real hard ask. I will let you all know how the weekend went on Tuesday.


  1. Cheer up (or Chair-up) Naki Guy might be a Chairlift fan and like the song 'Bruises'.


  2. Wow, 4 days off. Think of how muchmarking you could do in 4 days.
    Flea bites?

    Are your girls at east that mangy?

    I'm sure Naki guy won't mind. Get him drunk quickly and he might not notice.

  3. Yes, the flea problem came back, even though I flea bombed the house only 3 months ago. It could on the other hand be from school, but not from there girls. There is a white cat that likes to hang out in one of the drama rooms at school.
    Getting Naki guy drunk as quickly as possible is indeed my game plan.

  4. oops, the girls, not there girls

  5. "Please don't expect any updates during my four days off"
    Fflur (of RBB), of course not. You have work to do!

  6. Since the real Second Fiddle has cleared off, for a while anyway, and we are left only with an imposter, it's time for me to remind you that I am the Son of God. I will be making more regular efforts to promote Christianity around blogs.
    Do not fear, Angry Jesus is here.

  7. I used to tell my students to respect girls and to not get them drunk in order to take advantage of them. My how things have changed. Who would have thought that young women now act like the horny young men who were in my charge.

  8. Oh Goodness, another spin off from a deluded blogger with too much time on their hands.