Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update for Richard

Just for Richard - although if anyone else would like to read it they may.
Firstly and most importantly my Year 11 Drama class had their assessment today and I would say that the "soldiering on" that I did paid off, as I was immensely proud of their achievements. My students always blow me away with their passion and energy when performing and they make me love my job.
Secondly and maybe not as importantly "Naki guy" is coming down again next Friday. I really like hanging out with him, skyping him, talking to him on the phone and facebooking him. However, I am still confused about what I think about us as a couple or potential couple...
I will try to keep you updated on my feelings but I find it all so confusing in my head that it is really hard to put into words. You could try playing Freud and tell me what I am thinking if you like.


  1. I think 3 months before you worry what it is, give yourself a holiday-enjoy it like January.
    Keep us updated but let it remain yours.
    Focus on the good bits and have a good time.

  2. "Focus on the good bits and have a good time"

    Oh my goodness Lauren, that sounds like a recipe for good sex.

    Fflur, most of us have no idea of our own real motivations. Sometimes you have to trust your feelings and see how the relationship develops. How does Bennett feel about your renewed friendship with the 'Naki guy"?. It might be that you are uncertain of how your existing relationship with Bennet might be effected.

  3. "Keep us updated but let it remain yours."
    Ignore this sentence - we're all in on this together and need all the facts as soon as they happen. Get your computer set up in a place you can quickly sneak off to for updates.
    Oh yes, good on you for posting.

  4. I have had a little conversation with Bennett about him. He found it hard to believe that anyone would be interested in me at all and thought it would be bad news if I ever got a boyfriend. I know that he is a very adaptable creature though and that if I am happy, he will be. He just likes to complain. Like how he complains almost every night when dinner is served but then eats every last bit of it.

  5. I'm with Lauren on this one. Pleased that you haven't just ditched him irrationally without seeing where it will go.

  6. I am happy to see where it goes, but I don't think deciding not to go forward in a realtionship because someone doesn't want children (or the same things as you in general) as an irrational decision.

  7. I have similar problems working through my relationship with Mr Meow, though children don't come into the equation.

  8. Chew on a stick - it'll last longer.