Monday, March 21, 2011


If I ever did a PhD I would do it about homework. Not about the effectiveness of homework because apart from the fact that that has been done loads of times before, I am not interested. I think homework is pointless and no research is going to change my mind on that.
Nope, my research would be about homework and its ability to destroy relationships. I have NEVER EVER EVER had a pleasant homework experience with Bennett. It makes us argue, fight, slam doors, stop talking to each other etc etc.
I am not the only one that suffers through the homework pain, my sister also experiences it with her children and I am fairly sure there would be more of us out there whose family relationships are tested every night thanks to pointless homework.
It is not only my family relationships that are strained because of homework, I also feel it as a teacher. Set homework. Student does not complete homework. Have terse discussion, or not. Set detention. Student comes or doesn't come to detention. Set more homework. Still not done...etc etc etc. It ain't building relationships and that is what we are meant to be aiming for.
I am sick of the daily battle. I want homework to stop being a wedge between us. When me and my son come home from a full day of school the last thing either one of us bloody wants to do is more bloody school work! I want to spend time with him, talking to him about stuff that interests us, doing family stuff. Where oh where is my family time????
I want to tell him not to do it, I want to tell the school I will not support him doing it. But equally I want him to get along in the world, and that means doing what is asked of you and following the rules. So I won't, but I will say something very eloquent about how much a hate it, which is F you homework.


  1. Ha! I'm in the middle of doing my homework for Open Polytechnic. It is a pain in the arse but this stuff is graded so I don't have a choice. I might go around slamming doors but as I'm home alone there's no point. I think I'll open a bottle of Chianti instead.

  2. Oh, Homework. I first thought you'd written Housework.

    I approve of a lady getting a PhD in housework

    Never give it, never mark it.

  3. Fflur (of RBB), please watch the swearing. Next you'll be posting pictures of scantilly clad women and worrying about how many views your site has had. Yes, it all starts with foul language, even foul language about homework. Anyway, the only good homework is called practice.

  4. I also gave up setting homework as a teacher a long time ago - it is a pointless exercise.
    I will try to cut back on the swearing, I don't want scantily clad woman suddenly making themselves available to be viewed on my blog.

  5. " I will try to cut back on the swearing, I don't want scantily clad woman suddenly making themselves available to be viewed on my blog."

    Don't worry Fflur, just send them to me, I've got a shortage.