Thursday, March 10, 2011

camps and colds

Last week Bennett was on school camp, oh joy! It was a very pleasant and quiet week. I really wish I had made the most of the quietness because this week has been hellish. Not long after I picked Bennett up from the ferry he told me he had a sore throat, little did I know this was the a sign from the hellish week ahead, telling me to watch out (or possibly laughing a Nelson style HAHA at me, Nelson from The Simpsons that is) Either way I did not predict the doom.
Bennett was terribly sick on Monday night, keeping me awake all night with his wheezing and coughing, so he had the day off on Tuesday. I on the other hand, although exhausted from lack of sleep. soldiered on at school. Okay, this is mostly cause I hate being nurse and have very little sympathy for sick people, even to my darling son. So in fact I would MUCH rather be at school, therefore probably not technically soldiering.
However, 5th period at school I started to feel a little scratch in the back of my throat (insert another Nelson laugh here) Yes Karma, you are a bitch. By 4pm I was feeling really unwell and the rest they say is a snotty, coughing, crying, blubbering history. I think I may have a case of the man flu.
I have now been sick since Tuesday and really have been soldiering on. At school every day because my Drama students are way too close to performance to be left. I even have weekend rehearsals on Sunday to top off the pain. This is when I feel like I am not paid enough.


  1. All very well and good, but what happened with the man?

  2. Don't listen to Richard, he's just been woken up too early.

    Sorry to hear of your unwellness. But the passionate teachers make the biggest sacrifices and so soldier on you do. But, when you see their final performance I'm sure you'll realise it's all been worth it.

  3. No new news on the man front Richard. That is the trouble when you live in different cities, not a lot happens. But rest assured, I will keep you posted with any developments.
    Thanks Nic, it will be worth it.

  4. Get well soon Fflur. Heck, sometimes I wish I lived in Wellington and not Auckland. I think we'd have some great conversations.

  5. Man flu can be hellish. So I've been told.
    Try whisky with honey.