Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pigeon hole action

Sometimes weird little things happen in my life. Like once I found a bunch of flowers on my mailbox - no note, no nothing - I just thought they may have got left there by mistake - but, maybe not! Today I received a parcel in my pigeon hole at work, I was kinda excited cause how often do you get something nice, or something not worth throwing the in the nearest available bin in your pigeon hole? In my experience of pigeon hole action at both schools, there is usually nothing worth keeping. There have been some notable exceptions. For example, the pigeon hole fairy who once left a small chocolate bar in everyone's pigeon hole at Wainui, and the secret Easter bunny at East but more often than not all you get is junk. Anyway, back to the parcel - I was on my way to class when I noticed it sitting innocently in my pigeon hole, but of course I delayed my journey to educate the minds of our future to open the mystery parcel. I needed to see what it was and who it was from (they had mysteriously left their name off the back of the parcel even though it was sent through the post) After finding some scissors to open those tricky pre-paid plastic parcels from post shop (oh the alliteration!) I found inside some rather nice stockings with a little note on it saying "Fflur, you'll look stunning in these, maybe catch you sometime :)" NO NAME!!!! FREAK ALERT!
So many questions here for my over analysing mind - 1. who sends something without their name? Not really endearing, only creepy. 2. how presumptuous to think I will look stunning in them, note to weirdo, I will not be wearing them! 3. "maybe catch you sometime?" - catch me and kill me? or catch up? if you want us to catch up here is a little tip for you - put your name on the parcel, can hardly catch someone I don't know. 4. putting a smiley face at the end of a message without a name does not make me think kind thoughts toward you, in fact it is just even that much more creepy.
All said and done, next time I get a parcel in my pigeon hole I won't be so excited, in fact I may not even open it.


  1. Creeeeepppppyyy :O
    at least they didnt send it to your house, that would be super creepy :S

  2. I think it was from a woman with good intentions? Only an exceedingly creepy bloke would think to buy stockings. The average bloke never thinks beyond chocolates or flowers. When I was young(er) and single. I had this neat little trick of sending a woman a poetry book (with my name enclosed). If you send a woman a poetry book, she assumes that you stood in the shop and read all the poems before purchasing it and that you bought the book because you agreed with the spirit of all the touching poems. Silly women!

  3. Hey, I've got it! The sender wants to see you wear the stockings and will then move onto plan B - sending something else. The second gift will be telling - it'll either be something really creepy, or something tame with a name attached. This means that the sender is probably someone at school - a male teacher? Are there any slightly unusual male teachers at your school? Maybe it's a niceish bloke who just made a really stupid choice of gift? At staff briefing, you must look all the male teachers up and down and, just to be sure, do the same to any lesbians. The only way you'll really find out would be to wear the goods to school. If they were from an innocent woman at school, she wouldn't have posted them because she would have no need to try to hide her identity. Is the principal a male?

  4. I agree sending it to my home would have creeped me out more! Richard you could be on to something, the only problem with your plan is that there is no one at my school that I want a second (or indeed first) gift from - all the men are ancient(and I mean really ancient!) or attached and I am unsure of any lesbians there. Principal is a woman also.

  5. Check out the men wearing stockings first.

  6. Why was it sent to school (the parcel)?
    Fact 1 - the sender knows where you work, but maybe not where you live.
    Did you check out the NZpost stamp to see where it was sent from? Was it Wellington? That's the first thing we must clear up.
    If the sender is interested in you (I'd say so) there has got to be a follow up. Otherwise, what has he, she, it achieved?
    At some point the sender will have to supply more information.
    Comeinyourpants, your suggestion of men wearing stockings is silly, unless the sender was a male ballet dancer.

  7. We did check out where it was sent from but couldn't read it cause it got all smudged on those darn plastic prepay envelopes - however it did have something on the back that said the envelope was bought in Newtown - so yes Wellington.

  8. Newtown?
    Richard. Don't jump to conclusions.

  9. Being sent from Newtown suggests someone from Seatoun, Island Bay, Lyall Bay, Miramar, Kilbirnie or Newtown. Maybe even Beramphore.
    What would the average bloke know about buying stockings?
    It has got to be a woman or a gay guy, but why?
    "Maybe catch you sometime"
    What about a fisherman, or that last guy you flicked?

  10. I am thinking it is probably the weird 2012 date guy - that is my gut feeling. Don't want to contact him and find out though cause I have maintained a very solid silence on that front

  11. "I am thinking it is probably the weird 2012 date guy"
    Did you date Different Time Zone Bill?

  12. It is not the weird date guy - I had to know so I sent him a text and no it was not him. It would be odd for someone who lives and works in the Hutt to come all the way to Newtown to send a parcel. I guess I will never know who it was

  13. Solution:
    Put the stockings away somewhere until next year. Next year plant some tomatoes and use the stockings to tie them up. This way, the stockings aren't wasted and home grown tomatoes taste like nothing else!