Monday, April 5, 2010

The world of dating

I have been on many dates in my time - some bad and some exceptionally, monumentally bad! The date I went on this evening falls into the not so bad category. I have many dating stories that would put most sane people off dating for a long time. But hey, I am the common denominator in these dates so maybe it is actually me that is the problem? Surely not, it must be that I attract freaks. Tonight's date did not seem too freaky - and when I asked him to tell me something that is not good about him (cause I was bored with him telling me all his positive attributes) he did not say anything that was a cop out like "I a workaholic" which is just a positive attribute in disguise - cause what they really mean with this is "I am successful" Him being honest (i presume) about his not so great attributes was somewhat refreshing. It was not until after the coffee date, when he followed me to the bookshop that I started to see the things that got my fussy and over analytical mind working. He only likes to read factual martial arts stuff - okay who am I to judge someones reading habits - I certainly don't want someone who likes all the stuff I like (how I am going to mold them if they are already like me, there is no work for me!) No really I don't want someone who likes all the stuff I like - i think that is boring and won't expand me and my horizons in any way; or keep me guessing, which is what I like. But then toward the end of our time in the book shop when I was just about to go home he saw the dvd 2012 - "that is a great movie" not quite verbatim here but... "it's exactly how it is going to be, in my studies...yada yada...based on fact...yada yada....all the natural disasters we have been having recently..yada yada...."
Oh dear - time to buy Dirty Dancing on dvd and head home to have Patrick Swayze fantasies...Johnny never disappoints.


  1. Wellll... a bit disappointing but not a complete failure?!?! Are you going to give the lad another chance? (My boy reads SciFi... I've had to learn not to hold it against him or speak condescendingly about it heheh). The end-of-the-world-crazy is a bit of a step too far, though...

  2. I am trying not to hold it against him - some people really think that is true. I am prepared to give him one more date and see how I feel after that. I actually am affection starved and I think it is to my detriment in these situations cause I find it hard to tell him to bugger off when he is the only one giving me any attention

  3. Fflur,
    Maybe it's time you got a fish (in a bowl) or a
    pet lizard, or something.
    Men are always going to have weird reading tastes and like action films - that's just the way we're wired. Only gay men like women's stuff but I don't think a gay friend is really what you need right now. Give this young chap another go. Ask him about martial arts, get the DVD of The Alamo out. Get an old Bruce Lee DVD out and watch it together with a bottle of wine or two.
    Really Fflur, you must try harder.

  4. The reading thing I can cope with - its the belief in 2012 I struggle with - I am giving him another chance but me, him and a bottle of wine is not a good idea - I see that ending badly

  5. I saw 2012 - it's a silly movie. Maybe you should flick this guy?

  6. "A New Age interpretation of this transition posits that during this time, Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 2012 may mark the beginning of a new era."
    - from Wikipedia.

    This is similar sort of woozy thinking that drove all those hippies back in the late 60's and early 70's with the 'Age of Aquarius' hokum (Richard wore hippy beads and wore red bell-bottom trousers).

    The other 2012 fantasies are straight out of Nostrodamus and his ilk what with planet collisions and all sorts of weirdness. I just cannot believe that people waste their time on this stuff when energy can be put into just making normal lives in a normal world better.

  7. I believe it was Nostrodamus that said we would also have aliens living with us on earth now - that would be cool! It is also where the mayan calendar apparently ends - but surely they had to stop writing it at some point - they would have had very sore hands if they kept going...

  8. Aliens living with us? Does Comeinyourpants qualify as an alien? He does have Scottish blood.