Thursday, April 8, 2010

cons are outweighing the pros

I went on date number two and at this stage I would have to say the con list is getting heavy - "Lets go for a drive guy" has added smoking and baby talk to his list of cons. These both make my skin crawl. He even managed to combine these two by baby talkingly saying "please come out side" while he had a smoke - too which I politely declined and then suggested that it was time to go home. It seems God was not really listening - he was just having a laugh at my expense. What is God trying to make me learn by being single this long? Surely he must realise by now I am not going to learn it? I should add I guess that there were some pros to the night, and I did have a reasonably good time - however, I am fussy and although each one of his cons on their own are not deal breakers - Altogether they all add up to one I think.


  1. Did him weely use baby chatter?
    Flick this guy.
    Ah, who am I to say that?
    What are his pros?

  2. His pros are all things that will make me sound very shallow, which is why I didn't write them down. He is very pleasing on my eyes, he wears nice clothes and shoes and he has enough money. Very shallow - anyway I have already decided that was the last date. Baby talking smokers are a no go.

  3. Yeah, I'm with you, Fflur (and Richard)... time to move him on... spunky shoes only go so far and the smoking would be a deal-breaker for me (the baby talk is also icky!!).

    I have just come back from a wedding of 2 folk who met over the Internet and spoke to an engaged couple who also met over the Internet... Worth considering????

  4. Nope, been there done that. It seems I attract freaks!