Saturday, April 3, 2010

So I have a date

If you are a keen follower of blog comments you may have come to the realisation that I have a date this week. One wonders if it is all the baking and cooking that I have been doing or the letter I wrote to God a couple of blogs ago - either way it seems they universe has decided I have paid enough dues - or has it?
Tonight I got a text from "the date" it said and I quote "wana go 4 a drive tnite? :)"
Now I don't know this guy all that well, so I don't want to jump to too many conclusions from this but I have been told before I over analyse things and maybe it is true cause here is what I over analysed from this:
1. He is a 31 year old man who uses text speak = Illiterate??
2. He wants to 'take me for a drive' = what am I? 18? why would that be fun?
3. He always uses smiley faces = does he think I won't realise he is being friendly or is he desperately trying to convince me he is a nice guy?
4. He wants to take me for a drive - what does this mean? He thinks I am easy and will put out in the back seat?
The over riding problem I have with this however is that this is not a safe thing for a woman to do - you don't go for a ride with someone you only met briefly a couple of days ago - well I might have when I was younger and more stupid but after 33 years I have managed to learn something.
Who knows, maybe he is a nice guy and maybe I do over analyse - but I think I will just wait for the date to find out :)


  1. OOOOOoooooooooo! Totally exciting, Fflur!! When is the big day??!?!? Can't wait to hear all.

  2. Friday is the day - so expect a blog entry on Saturday

  3. Oh but that's so long to wait!! Where are you going 'driving'??

  4. On the real date we are not going driving - I would rather sit at home and self harm myself than go driving! That is either something very young people do and they cruise the streets yelling obscenities out the window or it is something very old people do on Sundays to pass the time they have to spend with each other. We are going out for dinner

  5. Richard goes 'driving' so which one is he?

  6. I can picture Richard doing both

  7. I am going on the date tonight cause I got sick of him texting me all the time - will let you know how date goes tomorrow