Tuesday, April 20, 2010

School life

I have been back at school for 3 days, and even though I was sick for some of those days and am feeling really tired after sleeping badly last night, I have to say they have been really enjoyable days. I have had some really interesting and thought provoking conversations with my year 12 English class about change - is it positive?, why don't we like it?, is it important?, and other in depth stuff that they talk about and I nod my head and say "good point (insert girls name here - probably something like Madison or Isabelle)"
I have also been doing a Melodrama unit with my Year 11 Drama class, these girls are quite possibly THE cutest class ever! I love them, they do everything I ask and give it 110 percent. This means I have loads of fun every day with them. Today I spent quite a bit of time giving feedback on how to move as a stock character and it was totally enjoyable - giving feedback fun? what planet have I landed on?
I have also started teaching dance, or movement as I like to call it, to my Year 9 and 10 classes - It is the most fun I have had since I last got drunk - except you don't get a hangover! When the girls performed their 'holiday' dance scenes they had created I was smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt - they were so much fun.
I love that I love my job right now, I love that I am about to head off to see the Year 13 Drama class perform their monologues tonight, and I love that I get to share it, even if it is not something anyone wants to listen to.


  1. I'm guessing that you're no longer teaching at Nuova Lazio High. I, of course, still am. I have wounds - would you like to rub salt into them?
    Ah, that feels good!

  2. "they do everything I ask and give it 110 percent. "
    Just as well you are not teaching arithmatic or mathematics then.

  3. Thank God I don't teach Maths - not for my students sake but for my own sanity. Sorry Richard I know some readers may not like this but I am happy and can I not share?

  4. Ignore that old curmudgeon (not me!). He's been playing with himself too long (he calls it practicing). Enjoy what you are doing. The gratification you get will empower you and enable you to put more energy into your job and will benefit those students. Those students remind me of my nieces who studied at Kristin in Auckland. The vitality and creativity is heartwarming.

  5. I agree!! We have a cool job, eh?!?!?

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