Friday, March 5, 2010

Domestic Goddess

I have been hunting for a hobby so that I may become a more interesting person with more things to talk about, other than work and parenting. Rochelle(new friend from school - small mention of work there sorry) suggested that I take up cooking - I laughed. Anyone that knows me well knows that me and kitchens are like quiet church prayers and farts - we don't mix. I decided giving another new meal a shot was kinda like trying to sneak a quiet fart out in church; I held my breath hoping my new meal would not turn into a silent but viloent fart (perhaps I have taken this analogy to far)
I downloaded a meal from the food in a minute website - cause they always make those meals look so easy and quick. I made creamy tomato fettuccine, and it was so delicious (there could be a reference here about farting in an appropriate place or something but I will bypass that) Bennett was pleased, I was pleased, and I secretly thought my boyfriend would be pleased - if I had one that is (this was the stupid part of my brain that thought I possibly didn't have a boyfriend cause I could only cook approx 5 meals)
I am a happy little domestic goddess with a full belly now, and I have told the stupid part of my brain to shut up.


  1. Farting in kitchens is something that I know a lot about. Keep it up, I approve.

  2. Fflur, I feel that your life is moving forward - not in leaps and bounds, but in a slow slither.
    At this rate you will have a boyfriend before you are fifty. He'll probably be a slightly overweight boyfriend who expects good food, but, never the less, he'll be a boyfriend.

  3. Wow!! What a fabulous development!!! I am so proud to have played a part in this tremendous leap into a new hobby :) Well done, Fflur!!!

    At this rate, you will indeed be able to provide good food to the above mentioned boyfriend.

    I look forward to hearing a full report tomorrow.

  4. "At this rate, you will indeed be able to provide good food to the above mentioned boyfriend."
    Don't get her hopes too high.

  5. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth Richard (of RBB) There I was floating up in space with grand thoughts of finally being released from my perpetual single status. However, feet now firmly planted on earth - I look around and I am still alone. Tonight I made a meal that I adapted from two other recipes does this mean I may have moved from a slow slither to a peter?