Saturday, February 27, 2010

This is a very special photo. It is a tribute photo to the Benton family. Benton is my mother's maiden name, and although she lost the name when she got married she never lost the ability to take a photo with her eyes closed and her mouth open (It's what we now fondly refer to as the Benton curse) We decided that instead of trying to get the perfect family photo, we would roll with what the curse has given us - we embrased it lovingly and took the photo that all us Benton decendants are born to make. So as a tribute to our forefathers here are our closed eyes and open mouths for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Fflurry,
    I hope you all cleaned your teeth. What an unusual idea for a photo!
    Dave Shaw

  2. Hey what a fun family. I like that and the fact that photos like that have a special place in family histories.

  3. Thanks for the hygiene concerns Davvyy, I am sure we all brushed our teeth but obviously I can really only speak for myself. I did really enjoy spending time with my fun family this weekend. Although I would like to express concern for the "fun-ness" of the youngest two members in this photo - they clearly have their eyes open. I believe they have a little too much Mathias running through their veins that is thinning out the Benton genes