Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a whole new world...

I have now spent 3 days at my new school. The word to explain (or try to explain) the experience so far is strange. Today was the first day that the "girls" were there (you find yourself using this word a lot!)and it was a really nice, grounding experience. I say grounding because up until they arrived it didn't really feel right, I couldn't relax or didn't really feel like I belonged or something like that. But once they arrived I found myself feeling like "Right! this is something I know, I know how to interact with kids this age and I can do it well"
There are so many things about this school that I have enjoyed so far but by far it was my first assembly experience. New staff had to go on stage and be introduced to the "girls" normally this would not really be something I love but the "girls" were so enthusiastic and chirpy and just delightful (I know this sounds really twee but its true) and we were all given flowers (apparently this is a tradition) What I really liked about the assembly (apart from the flowers!) was that the "girls" were really allowed to express their enthusiasm, and their emotions for everything. This is something that is often stamped on in Wainui assemblies (this is my opinion) I guess the reason for this is that the "girls" are very responsive to be quietened back down and perhaps this is a harder job at Wainui.
There are so many more things I could talk about but I don't want to make Richard jealous talking about well behaved students. One last 'strange' thing before I go; the staffroom has a sign on the door that says 'staff sitting room" - I have made sure I have not done any standing in there...


  1. Grrr i hate it when I don't read my posts before i post them - i obviously meant "but by far my first assembly experience was the best"

  2. You can edit your posts Fflur. Just go into 'posting' and 'edit posts'.
    Our troops came back yesterday. No flowers.

  3. Glad you are enjoying this whole new world. I had my first day ever as a reliever today. It was fantastic, I can teach them any old crap and I was in town by 4pm! I think I will investigate being reincarnated as a reliever.

  4. I wouldn't mind betting that Nicola (of NSB) will copy this layout for her new travel blog.