Monday, February 8, 2010

Am I boring?

I became a little concerned today as I wrote a letter to my English class. The aim of the letter was to tell them about myself and then they have to write a letter in response that tells me about them. When I set out on this task it seemed easy enough, well I am here to tell you it's not!!! I came to the conclusion that it was difficult because I was so boring. Please indulge me while I explain (although I can totally understand if you don't want to, what with me being a bit of a bore and all) I wrote about where I grew up, coming to Wellington, teaching at Wainui and briefly about Bennett. Then I planned to write about my other interests - only to be horrified to discover I have NONE! I am not obsessed with a musical instrument, I don't have deep philosophical thoughts, I don't exercise, I don't cook, I don't garden, I have no favourite anythings - not a book, movie, tv show, food, song, band, type of music, actor, actress, painter. I don't collect anything, I never have collected anything, I don't go out in the weekend and do anything interesting, I don't knit, I don't even really surf the net. WHAT DO I DO?????
All I do is go to work, mother my son, clean the house, write the occasional blog and go on facebook once a day. The only thing I could think of to write in the letter was I read - Yawn!


  1. Fflur, I think the time has come when you should consider taking up the double bass. I've seen quite a few non-double bassists go through this boredom thing before. You'll need to get a bass, a bow and some rosin. I would suggest Bel Canto strings. There you go, problem fixed.

  2. Suggestion No. 2 to fight off Mr Boredom:
    Change the name of your blog to Fflur's Bass Bag.

  3. Both grand suggestions Richard, I will take them into full consideration

  4. Being truly boring is a gift. If you do have an innate talent in this you should consider having at least four Fllur's Bass Bags.