Sunday, February 14, 2010

Am I a nurse?

Here are some little known facts about sick children (or well known if you are in fact the proud owner of child)
1. Children always get sick in the middle of the night
2. Children always get sick when you have plans to do something
3. Children always bounce back much quicker than you do (they may have been sick all night, producing all number of liquids from every orifice, and you may only have been kept awake and not sick yourself - but you will feel worse than them come 3pm the following afternoon)
4. It is extremely boring, I mean EXTREMELY boring to spend the day at home with a sick child
So far today I have made breakfast (delivered to sick child), made lunch (delivered to sick child) made several drinks (delivered to sick child) and cleaned and washed mess (made by sick child)
It is so boring you write blogs about it, in the hope that if you share the boredom around it will spread so thin you may experience less of it (kinda like how you spread your Marmite thin on your toast so you don't get too much flavour at once)
I have been writing about a lot of boredom lately - perhaps I should make another blog and call it The Boring Chronicles


  1. But I can tell you from my experience (as a sick child) that that being cared for by your Mum when you are sick just makes you feel like the most special and loved child ever. Even for a few years after I left home, every time I got sick, the first instinct was to call Mum and tell her I was sick, just to get that feeling (even if delivered down the phoneline).

  2. You are so right - I remember that feeling too, and I still love it when i am unfortunate/fortunate enough to get sick when i am home.