Monday, March 22, 2010

Appeasing Richard

Richard (of RBB) has been complaining that my blog has not had any posts for sometime. I would like to state that this is because for the last week I have had a life. Bennett went away on camp (all the way in the South Island) and as a consequence I actually did stuff that I don't normally get to do. I went out to cafes (without having to buy loads of chocolate bribes to keep a preteen quiet) I went shopping (without having a preteen sighing and moaning in my ear) I went to the pub on a Wednesday night (without having to lock my preteen in his room with a box of matches and a tin of baked beans) and I went to the movies (and I got to choose something I wanted to see!) This was all very exciting stuff. It made me not want to write blogs, or cook and write blogs about cooking. It made me dream...I dreamed of the day in less than 2 years time when he turns 14 and I can do this stuff all the time. Here's hoping the predictions of 2012 are not right or I won't get to live the dream.
Richard, I hope this fulfills my obligations. If it doesn't I have been given a fail safe recipe for cupcakes that I plan to make this weekend. There has to be a post in that...


  1. lol thanks for the comment, it made my day :D
    Janet, is quite frankly, The Man. Im so jealous you got an advance copy :O

  2. Fflur,
    Your quest for freedom is admirable. I, at 57, am still trying to free myself of children and their hooks. Though, who the hell is teddy28? And, why has Janet become a man and made teddy (no 28 in the series) feel so good? I guess that Comeinyourpants will have an answer - as he always does.

  3. I think that teddy28 is Robert in another guise. Surely only he would write "hilariousity" when he means hilarity.

  4. I can confirm that i am not, in fact, Richard in another guise.
    And i write hilariosity because i'm awesome, and hilarious just isnt good enough.
    And Janet is The Man and forever will be The Man, janet is God without the beard.

  5. Thank you!
    I will keep on A'goin' :D