Friday, March 12, 2010

Today Brownies, tomorrow the world...

Oh the delights

Today I made Brownies. I feel like that may be all I need to say on this matter but I will indulge you with a little commentary. Maybe this is not an amazing thing to most people (or in the grand scheme of things) but to a wee young lass like myself this is quite extraordinary. The last time I attempted to bake I was almost shipped off to the mental institution. I threw pans, I cried real tears and I called my mum and my sister to vent and ask for advice; and by time I left the kitchen it looked like a classroom after a reliever had been in. This time I only swore once, I didn't cry and I only rang my mum after it was all said and done, to tell her of my achievements and let her congratulate me. What will the next achievement be for me, one can only wonder...

Bennett partaking in the delights


  1. Fflur,
    I must admit that I am very proud of you.

  2. Domestic Godesses are always in favour. See my earlier post on Nigella Lawson.

  3. I was looking at the picture of Bennett eating the brownie and my eye was drawn to the collection of ice-cream containers on the top of the kitchen shelving. This is good news. Early manifestation of compulsive collection behaviour is a good indicator of later full-blown psychotic accumulation of plastic bottles, newspapers, magazines, plastic bags cardboard cartons and other 'must keep' items.
    We need more people like you.

    The Collector.

  4. So, as the official insiprer of this newly-found hobby, I am wondering why there wasn't a large piece of brownie sitting on my desk this morning??!?!??!?!?!?