Thursday, March 11, 2010

I don't like rain

I was at a cafe this afternoon (which is something very nice to do after school now that I work in town) when what could be described as a flash storm took hold. I was parked quite far away from said cafe because everyone it seems likes to do the same thing on a Friday. I had many cafe delights while watching the storm scatter people past the window of the cafe. But by half five I realised I was going to have to become one of the scattered people and make my way back to the car. I started at a mild run up a mild hill to my car but some 2 minutes into the run my lungs and legs complained, so I was resigned to walking the rest of the way. When I made it back to my car I had rain dripping from the end of my nose, eyelashes, cuffs and squelching about my shoes. Being cold also makes me the bitch from hell. So cold, miserable and muttering swear words under my breath I drove home; with steamed up windows and the heater on full blast. I made it home and instead of being greeted with a nice warm, dry house, I found that the window in my bedroom had decided this rain was just too much to bear and had given up doing its job. My mattress, pillows, carpet and a few books are now worshiping the dehumidifier in the somewhat vain hope that it can restore them to their former glory. So there I was with wet clothes and a wet room thinking things could get no worse. Oh ye of little faith – don’t you know things always come in threes! “ Mum, I smell smoke” was the next thing to greet me. The end of this little story is that I now HAVE NO TV!!!!!!! The rain has also seeped through a wall and has caused a little damage which means there has been some sort of short circuiting or something – who the hell knows – all I know is I HAVE NO TV! So I don’t like the rain and I am now left wondering what people did before TVs – not blogging I bet, thank goodness some technology as survived! I would hate to think I would have to actually talk to my son.


  1. The good news is that Nuova Lazio High got through unscathed. At least, I think that's good news.

  2. It is good news for the people there but not such good news for me