Tuesday, September 28, 2010

smelly plants and 'smelly' people

Yesterday me and my sister took our children to see the devil's tongue. The devil's tongue is a flower that only flowers approximately once every decade, and as if that is not enough to make it special and make you want to go and see it, it also smells like decaying bodies, yummy! I thought the boys would like to go for the ewww factor and I am just a curious wee lass and needed no extra encouragement to go. This is what the flower looked like:

Now I know there are a few flowers in this picture, but considering we were at the Botanical Gardens what can you expect? It is the big purply one that looks like the devil's tongue, or what the devil's tongue might look like if he actually existed. (sorry I did have a better picture but I can't seem to rotate it up the right way to put on the blog) It was smelly and entertaining. However, this was not the bit of the day that really stuck in my mind. At the Botanical Garden Cafe I experienced the worst ever customer service, it was so bad I was forced to write and send my first ever complaint letter. I am not usually one to complain but never before have I been yelled at to place an order, or told to pick up my food and move out the way after paying. What happened to the customer is always right? or even good manners? Please and Thank you would not go amiss. After dealing with the world's worst customer service representative we went on to have a fine afternoon, fest your eyes on our fun if you please. Thank you for reading my blog. (see it's easy!)

Bennett tiptoed through the tulips

and slid down the slide (never too old for playground fun, I still enjoy swinging on a swing)

Mucked around with his cousins

Found true love

and generally just behaved like a kid, as he should.


  1. Well done Fflur! I'm tempted to copy this post and use it as one of mine.
    Oops, have I just given a priceless idea to other bloggers?

  2. Richard you would never need to do that, you just cut and paste from wiki

  3. Nice to see Bennett enjoying himself, although the "Devil's Tongue" actually looks like it came from an entirely different part of the Devil's anatomy.

    I hope you get a response from your complaint, I've never had really bad service as you described in NZ. I've come across an incredibly condescending Maitre'D in Petone (of all places) but never rudeness such as you suffered.
    Mind you, think about all of those kids around the Wellington area, such as those you taught in NLH, desperate for a job, and bringing their same classroom attitudes to the workplace. It's surprising that we don't see much worse behaviour.