Sunday, September 12, 2010

interviews and zombies

I have an interview at school this morning - I really hate interviews as my mind goes blank when I am there. I wish my mind would go blank the night before the interview so I could get a good nights sleep. I dreamt about the interview twice last night and both times I had not finished getting dressed and my hair was still dripping wet from the shower. The second dream ended with me chasing zombies and killing them by continuously shooting water into their mouths - premonition?


  1. "premonition?"
    No. More likely pre-menstrual with violent behaviour like that.

  2. What a coincidence.

    I had exactly the same dream.

    Why don't you come up to my place to discuss the obvious similarities in our personalities?

    Since I didn't get that Emperor job I'm at a bit of a loose end anyway, so i suppose you'll have to do.

    See ya beautiful.

  3. Ick is there some way to delete a comment - Ringo calling me beautiful makes me want to shower

  4. Just ignore him, we all do.

    What sort of interview?
    Are you applying for another job?
    Are you coming back to Nuova Lazio?
    Maybe you could give The Basket Guy some ponters in voice characterization?
    He phoned in yesterday to throw a sickie, and he sounded really unconvincing, especially from trained thespian. I'm not saying he wasn't sick, but when I hear a voice using a deep throaty impersonation of Humphrey Bogarrt with consumption, then I think "Hmmm. Bit of overkill here."

  5. Thanks Richard - you posted that comment on two sites, i feel honoured. Alas I am not coming back to Nuova Lazio, I am applying for another position at East, so I will not be able to give any pointers to The Basket Guy in person. I find that the best way to sound sick is to not talk to anyone else that morning, then your voice has not warmed up for the day and sounds really tired and not over acted