Saturday, September 11, 2010

A blog about nothing

Under Richard's fine tutelage I have decided to write a post about nothing in particular. When writing about nothing it is hard to find the place to start, but I have read many posts by Richard (of RBB) and this given me some considerable grounding on writing about nothing. I awoke early to the sound of a cat screeching at my door (not Fluffy of RBB) but Lokie (of TCC) This is not how I like to start my Sunday mornings as I am sure Richard can understand. Bennett being the unconditional cat lover got up to feed Lokie and I decided since I was awake that I would continue my reading of everything Bryson. I am not sure why I started reading Bill Bryson and I am especially unsure as to why I continue to do so, he does not write the type of book I generally enjoy but I do enjoy his dry sense of humour and the feeling that I have acquired some new information when I have finished reading. At present I am reading his book on Shakespeare. Because I am a lover of the Bard I am finding this my most enjoyable read yet, even though I do already know much of the information from my time as a student at Victoria University.
I am somewhat bored of writing about nothing now, as I am sure you are of reading it, so I shall finish my peppermint tea and Vogels toast and thrust myself out into the world - which seems quite delightfully spring like today. Tomorrow I am off to enjoy all things Pacifica, where I will not only get to see the East poly girls perform but will also get to see the the Wainui Poly group perform - there must be a blog about something in that experience...


  1. What about the Polytheism group? Richard would no doubt be there.

  2. Good post.

    Starts weakly, rambles on and on and finishes with a weak attempt at humour.

    Richard [of RBB] has taught you well young one. Hmmmmmm.