Monday, September 13, 2010

Turning 34

the 15th of September sounds like a really great date for a birthday I think. It may be because this has been the date of my birthday for the last 34 years....34 YEARS!!!!! That sounds like a lot of years to me. I realise in as little as 5 years time this will sound young to me, and that when I am as old as Richard or TSB then 34 will sound practically in utero. But right now, in this present moment it sounds positively ancient. I suspect some of this has to do with the fact that I am single and my eggs are shriveling up at a rate of knots, even as I type these very words they are collapsing and dying...I often imagine my eggs as little cartoon like creatures with eyes, and little arms and legs and they are walking around on little crutches because although I am not hurtling toward my old age, they are. This thought sometimes makes me sad because I never imagined that I would only have one child, I always liked the idea of a big, extended family. These are the thoughts that often haunt me at birthday time because I see the time running out. But on the plus side, I have a job I love, a son I adore and my life is pretty darn good. So tomorrow instead of walking to parliament for the strike, or lying in my bed crying over my elderly eggs I will be going out for lunch with friends and buying myself something frivolous and pretty because it is better to be aging that to be dead.


  1. Happy birthday Fflur.
    God (that's me actually) Bless.

  2. Happy birthday Fflur.
    Bin Hire

  3. Many The The Happy Returns The The.
    The The The Guy

  4. I've just checked you in the future and you're having a very good time.
    Enjoy your birthday.
    Different Time Zone Bill

  5. Happy Birthday.

    Nice timing on the strike (by the way).

  6. "when I am as old as Richard or TSB"

    Are you saying we're really old?

    At least my eggs are not using zimmers.