Monday, October 11, 2010

Fist pumping for life

Tuesday night is my favourite night of TV. There is a lot on TV that I just can't stand these days; like The News (so depressing and full of smarmy, smirky politicians) and like a billion crime scene investigation shows (the only show in this genre that I don't hate is Bones, but anything with David Boreanaz in it is mighty fine by me)

Mmmmmmm he makes crime drama worth watching...

But tonight! Tonight is the best TV night. First I get to watch dancing. Dance movies are go to when I am feeling sad, they never fail to make me happy even though they are completely predicable - they are my not so guilty pleasure. Because of my love of dance I love the show about the New Zealand Ballet company - I have dreams of being a dancer and meeting a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who dances a different style of dance but we seamlessly combine our dance styles and create a dance that wows the crowds and makes us fall in love (this all happens in my head while I watch this dance show)
After that I support more New Zealand made television by watching Outrageous Fortune. THE best characters on TV and some pretty inventive swears and curses make this an absolute delight. I have read before that people think we connect to this show as NZers because they are real characters with real emotions and real situations; that we all have someone in our family like them. I have to say no, I know no one like any of these people, but I kinda wish I did. The real highlight of my night, the moment when I get really excited, the moment of absolute pleasure which I should probably keep to myself comes at 9:30! This is when the absolutely crazy, stupid, weird, stupid, mental, unbelievably stupid people from Jersey Shore grace my TV screen. I am not ashamed to say, although I probably should be, that I LOVE THIS SHOW! I am not sure what it says about me that I love this kind of crap, but don't we all have something that is not particularly high brow? Or even medium brow? I find it odd that I will watch Jersey Shore tonight then I will go to be and read Pride and Prejudice, which I am re reading for the hundredth time. Maybe Pride and Prejudice was really the Jersey Shore of its day.


  1. Jersey Shore meets Pride & Prejudice

    Pauly D: Horse-drawn carriages are here! Horse-drawn carriages are here!


Vinny: Angelina seems to be a young lady of questionable moral character, but I shan’t sport with your intelligence on this matter.

    Angelina [giggling over her MVP trifecta]: It makes me want to laugh when I think of doing what my female housemates have not done…and I the youngest of them all!

    Jenni: Mike, I am grievously vexed by your dissolute display at the Hertfordshire ball.


Mike: So this is your opinion of me! Perhaps these offenses might have be overlooked had not your pride been hurt by my honesty…and that is, your bosom is absurdly large.


Ronnie: Do you deny it, Snooki? That with this note, you separated a young couple who loved each other, exposing Sammi to the censure world of caprice and myself to derision and dissapointed hopes, involving us both in acute misery of the worst kind and…


Sammi: I realized that it is better to know as little as possible of the defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life.


Snooki: Wahhhh! Have you no consideration for my nerves?

    (Its amazing what a google search will find)

  2. Wow that is amazing, my two favs combined! Who came up with this, I want to congratulate them - off to google I go...

  3. I am dismayed that The Curmudgeon shows such familiarity with this thing called Jersey Shore.
    I tried watching it (my beloved had changed channels to view), but after just 60 seconds I had to leave the room. I felt physically sick. IT'S AWEFUL. IT'S CRAP.

    Leave it alone, it will poison your brain.

    BTW Why the title of" Fist Pumping for Life?"

  4. I specialised in fist pumping.


  5. Fist pumping is a dance they do on Jersey Shore - you had to be in the know to understand the title. I will not leave this programme alone - I love the way it is poisoning my brain.

  6. I understand none of this. At least Fflur has posted something new. Small consolation.

  7. Richard - that is how I feel when you post about playing your bass, at least when you write about Fluffy I know what a cat is and what it does

  8. Is there a place for Fluffy (of RBB) in Heaven? That is the question.

  9. Yes would be the answer to that Angry Jesus - what has Fluffy even done wrong?

  10. "what has Fluffy even done wrong?"

    It's a cat. They always do something wrong.
    Have you ever put your slippers on in the middle of the night and found one of them full of cat poo?
    I have.

    'nuff said.

    BTW, Your bloody school has nicked one of our best teachers (Charlie). Bloody typical. All of our good dedicated teachers end up teaching the nice kids.

  11. The ones who stay are in purgatory. They must have done something to be there.

  12. I know we stole her, heeheehee! But seriously, it is sad that a lot of good teachers leave - but you still have lots of good ones left.