Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walks of Wellington

Apparently there are lots of walks you can do around Wellington; nature walks, city walks, historical walks, and some other walks I don't know about or can't care to remember. I want to get back outdoors now that the weather has brightened so I looked for a walk that Bennett, me, my sister and her two boys could do together. We (my sister and I) wanted a short walk to start us off, so we chose one in Seatoun that went through bush and along the shore line and also had old, crumbling gun turrets to amuse the young boys who follow us everywhere.

You may be able to tell from the slumped over figure of my 8 year old nephew Noah that we did not have fully excited and enthusiastic participates at the start of this walk. However, Bennett demonstrates he is not all teen as he lets his Aunty hug him in public.
The mood of our walking companions improved with time and the appearance of "caves" (there were some bigger ones than this but I like how excited they were by just the smallest of gaps)

and banks to climb and steps that started nowhere and went nowhere - I guess these steps were there for a reason at some point?

All in all it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, and it cost nothing! Hooray for cheap family bonding! here I am at the end of the walk - all victorious.


  1. What's the little boy in the distance in the first photo doing? Semaphore? Singing 'The Star Spangled Banner'?

  2. That is my nephew Luka - it is an odd choice of pose, I have no explanation what so ever

  3. I've done that walk a couple of times recently. Yep, walks are great.

  4. I've never tried thst walk before. Where does it start?
    It looks pleasantly smooth (I cannot risk my beloved's back getting jarred, she'd end up in bed for a week)and not too difficult.

    Isn't it funny how the kids don't want to do something at the start, then accept it a bit grudgingly, then forget completely that they didn't want to do it at all?

  5. You start on the beach with the Wahine memorial.

  6. Thank you Richard[of RBB].
    It is gratifying to see that some people actually read this blog. Fflur doesn't seem to have done so.

  7. Fflur did do so, but she could not remember exactly where other than that we drove to Seatoun - I was planning to look it up and get back to you but Richard bet me to it.

  8. Sorry.
    Sometimes I forget what a grumpy, bad tempered bastard I can be.