Saturday, June 4, 2011

Australia sucks

My blogger account has been doing some funny stuff - not letting me log in when I try to and asking for account verification - hence why I have not been keeping you updated or posting any comments. I think I have it sorted now so will give posting a go.
On Thursday night I travelled to Taranaki to see my Mum...well kinda...I have seen her a little bit, that is when I have not been tucked away in Naki Guy's house.
I have sad news on the update front, Naki guy is going to become Aussie guy. I think this may also make him Single guy. I can work a long distance relationship from this far away(sort of, it's painful but do-able) But Australia is so bloody far away, way too far for someone like me who is deathly afraid of flying and way too poor to buy regular tickets to go.
This plan to go to Australia was one he had before we meet again. I must admit I really had hoped he would change his mind but it is not looking likely. He is very keen to keep a long distance thing going but I think he is being very optimistic or doesn't know me well enough yet(I need way more attention than you can possibly give from thousands of miles away!)
So right now I think Australia is the worst country in the world. Full of Aussies and soon to be one Naki Guy.


  1. Hi Fflur, the blogger problem has been going on for 2 weeks. As a temporary fix, when you login, DON'T tick the box that says "Stay signed in" that might do it. See here for more details and help.

    You could always go to Aussie as well, just to keep him company. Ausies aren't that bad, and you'll quickly get used to the spiders, snakes and Aussie Rules.

  2. "and soon to be one Naki Guy"
    Just as well you don't behave like a woman scorned as there would be one knakerless guy.

  3. Fflur, this is bad luck. Bloody men!

  4. Richard (of RBB) is currently having trouble posting on his site, so I'm letting him post on mine. Well, it seemed like the bloody Christian thing to do.