Thursday, May 19, 2011

sorry for my absence

It is inexcusable of me to be away so long. My only excuse and it is a lame and vomit inducing one is that love has made my brain mushy and I am finding it hard to write a coherent sentence. But hey, I never let that stop me before so why should it now.
I know you can't tell this because you are reading this sentence straight after the last one, but this sentence has taken 10 minutes to come into existence since the last one. I sat here thinking about what else I could write about other than Naki guy, Bennett and school. Which is basically my life in a nut shell.
I can't. So lets start with Naki guy. It is very very hard not to fall in love with a guy that constantly sends me witty, endearing, charming, crazy emails, facebook messages and texts, and who tells me every day that I am beautiful and that he loves me. I tried really hard to not be totally swept away by that but I failed, happily. Now that I have made you sick I will move on to Bennett.
Bennett is loving high school now, apparently enjoying it a little too much on the social side as I had my first ever negative comment at a parent teacher interview "Bennett needs to stop chatting in class" My mother would call this karma. The other big news in Bennett world is that he can finally beat me in a wrestle without me letting him win. He can pick me up, sit on me and make me almost cry with pain and laughter cause he won't let me up. He picked me up a while ago and declared "haha, I have caught a midget" he is lucky I still love him. Especially now that I have a love substitute.
School. The last and most time consuming part of my life. It is all rehearsals and awkward turtles at the moment. Does Wainui have awkward turtles? Awkward flagpoles? Sad lamas, happy lamas, super lamas, drama lamas???? Or is this all the foreign language of a girls school? If so my next post will be all about the awkward turtle.


  1. Don't feel guilty about spending so much time thinking about your lovely Naki guy. He sounds like quite a catch.
    You'll have to introduce him to the Curmudgeon however, before he turns into a complete wimpish jelly.

    If your gels school is full of all these exotic animals, then I'm really glad I'm still in lovely fully hardened up Nuova Lazio.
    An awkward turtle? Waht on earth is that? Possibly a badly knitted neck of a jumper.

  2. An update! Will I live long enough to see the next one?
    I'm glad that all is going so well, but please remember your obligation to update us.
    It's the waiting... and, and the not knowing.